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We are responsible for our planet
ITM Talks
Quest on wheels
This project is aimed at creating a friendly and supportive circle in society between people with and without disabilities
This is a unique game that includes a number of utilities. Competing with other teams and in order to get a prize, participants must master the skills of teamwork and finish the game first.
Quest on wheels
The project in numbers:
  1. 3 quests were held in Almaty;;
  2. Quest on wheels 1.0 and 2.0 were held in the park of 28 Panfilov residents and the Central Park of Culture and Recreation and Quest on Wheels 3.0 took place in the park on Baiseitova Street;;
  3. The application was left with a total complexity of 200 people;
  4. The first and third quests involved 25, and the second 60 people ;
  5. We received data that more than 200 people were included during the events ;
Planning :
  • Quest on wheels in Atyrau
  • At the moment, on October 1, we are holding the first regional quest for residents of Atyrau
  • The application for participation was collected by more than 25
The positive and motivating atmosphere of the podcast, which discusses and summarizes the impact of people with disabilities who have achieved results that are cooler than the simplest and healthiest person.
ITM Talks
Number of speakers 10
The event lasted 2 weeks
Reached the audience from channels such as YouTube and Instagram
The project in numbers:
The creative exhibition is dedicated to the theme of green economy and nature conservation.
The topic of ecology is very relevant now and we all know that globally the whole world is now fighting to preserve the beauty of our nature. Here, at the creative exhibition, we have given freedom to everyone who wants to speak out and show environmental problems.
We are responsible for our planet
  1. More than 250 participants responded to the participation
  2. 100 artists have left an application for participation
  3. 62 participants took part in the exhibition
  4. Presented 105 works
  5. Visitors from September 22 to September 24 are more than 1000
The project in numbers:
The event, designed to encourage people to collect garbage together, is planned to go to the mountains of Almaty and collect garbage so that the public will pay attention to pressing environmental problems. Moreover, this event will help participants to increase environmental awareness, awareness, and also find peers to communicate with.
Montessori Classes 2.0. We plan to continue to create and develop classes for children with special educational needs using the Montessori method, which proved its effectiveness after being created last year.