OrleTECH is a fast and clear self-development in the field
of digital specialties
OrleTECH in three colors
Additional courses on Soft Skills, Computer and Financial Literacy
Support and education of Kazakh youth
Mastering 2 main directions of modern digital specialties
An effective new way of integrating SVSP, their social support. Support of Kazakhstani youth from the west Kazakhstan region and Mangystau region, providing an opportunity to master modern digital specialties in Russian and Kazakh languages absolutely free of charge and in the short term
What are we going to do?
Learn more about the capabilities of your computer and develop your own abilities when using it!
Basic computer literacy
Learn how to properly allocate your financial resources and manage them thoughtfully!
Financial literacy
Additional courses
- Software Evaluation;
- Identification and elimination of software errors;
- The first step to mastering programming;
- Flexible technical skills;
- Demand in the field of IT;
- Broad growth prospects.
Software Tester
- Creating websites;
- Using Tilda and WordPress;
- Latest technical skills;
- Relevance in the labor market;
- Professional growth in the field of IT.
Who is the project intended for
We are happy to share our knowledge with any representative of Kazakh youth aged 18 to 40 years who wants to develop and show their potential!
6. Weekly zoom meetings with cool specialists in their fields
3. Three-month online course Hard Skills
5. Employment of graduates of the project
4. The final of the project and the defense of term papers
2. Two-day intensive on Soft Skills
  1. Application in Google form
  2. Basic Computer Literacy test
  3. Offline selection
  4. Online interview
  1. Selection:
With the support of Shell Kazakhstan