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Digital-professions, easy and simple
Do you want to be among the first to master modern digital specialties and get access to a high-paying job? Join the OrleTECH project!
OrleTECH 2.0
Start May 2nd
Participants have submitted an application for participation
The most motivated participants - completed the project
Hours of classes per course
What we teach:
Will teach how to create websites
Find bugs even in the most advanced application
Test absolutely everything
It will be easier for you to create a website from scratch on the constructor
Финансовая грамотность
such as public speaking skills, professional English, financial literacy
We teach additional skills
Video from the Award Ceremony
We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of the award ceremony of the first season of the OrleTECH project. Join the viewing and get inspired by success stories.
Become a part of the OrleTECH project!
Madi Turarbek
Web-master in Russian language
Get trained by a team of professional experts with extensive experience
Aidar Dzhantykov
Software Tester in Russian language
Nurlybekov Hudaibergen
Web-master and Software Tester in Kazakh languages
For whom this project for
Young people from low-income families
Graduates of orphanages
Youth with disabilities
Young people from incomplete families
Young people living in rural and district regions
I don't understand where to move
Will I be able to achieve my goals
Still in doubt?
This is a unique opportunity not only to develop new skills, but also to increase your competitiveness in the labor market, as well as improve your socio-economic situation!
Stage of project
Sign up and follow your dream!
Infocompany (2.05.23 - 25.05.23)
Online selection (from 02.05.23 till 07.06.23)
Trial week (15.06.23)
Hard Skills (22.06.23)
Trainings (02.10.23)
Award ceremony (16.10.23-30.10.23)
Frequently Asked Questions
1.Who is the program designed for?
Residents of Mangystau, Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions from 18 to 30 years old are invited to participate
2.Do I have to take a course on Basic computer literacy to get on the project?
Yes, absolutely
3.When will the lessons be held?
You will not have to worry about the schedule, as all lessons will be recorded and available for completion at any time convenient for you. Do not forget that the learning process should be structured and effective, so we ask you not to postpone homework and adhere to deadlines.
Pressing the button brings you closer to a brighter future
It's time to step into a cool future!
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Any other questions?
Write directly to us.
We are open and always in touch during working hours
Feel the atmosphere of the first season
Shell Kazakhstan plays an important role in the development of Kazakhstan's economy, being a major investor in the country for 30 years. In partnership with ITeachMe, the energy concern has made a financial contribution to the creation of the OrleTECH project. Through its portfolio of voluntary social investments, Shell continues to contribute to the sustainable development of Kazakhstan.
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